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PostSubject: Wipeout   Mon 26 Jan - 13:16:07


Disaster on Eden Fall as the 9th Legion under Overlord Jaxika was attacked by Dark Eldar in the area of Hafrianís reach on Eden Fall. The overlord, coordinating from reserve ready for deployment with a cryptek and deathmark squad via the Night Scythe NNV Oath of Loyalty, deployed five destroyers three of them heavy on the right of our position holding an objective.

On the left, four wraiths, three with whip coils and one with a particle caster, on the right the Annihilation Barge NNV Battled Forged and between them three squads of warriors, two accompanied by crypteks. One occupied a bastion in the centre, infront of that, a screen of Canoptek scarabs. His full strength was 1498 though crucially as it turned out, nearly a third was in reserve.

The foe was skulking in the ruins to the west, a Tantalus on the left with a raider, and a second raider on the right. A squad of scourge occupied ruins on the right. Jaxicaís early objectives were the one held by the destroyers and the far left objective at the southern end of the enemy position.

The Tantalus took out a wraith early on and a single scarab and warrior were felled too, but disaster struck as the scourge hit and destroyed the Battle Forged with a lucky strike that also killed four warriors adjacent to her, though two reanimated.

In response we advanced, threatening another objective centre right, the scarabs assaulting the Tantalus and destroying it easily, forcing the enemy archon and his incubi escort to disembark. Three one to the enemy at the end of the first phase though and now all their reserves appeared: Another scourge squad deep striking on our left, a Ravager and Razorwing also appearing on that flank.

Kabal warriors left the southern raider and began to work their way towards the south western objective and the raider turbo boosted across the field to help surround our southern warriors who took heavy looses, mainly from the Razorwing overhead.

The kabal warriors cut down our wraiths whilst the incubi and their archon easily wiped out the scarabs. Three warriors on the left reanimated but the bastion meanwhile had taken hits and was destroyed by the scourge and central raider. Only three survivors emerging from the wreckage including the cryptek.

The cryptek and warriors took the central objective but with our reserves failing to arrive we were struggling for numbers with three units already gone and two having suffered heavy losses. Our counter attack resulted in severe damage to the raider on the left that was immobilised. Both sides took a point this phase for Two- Four.

The enemy needed two of the three northern objectives now, one of which their scourge already held and the other which was held by our right hand warriors. The raider headed for them and destroyed them easily and our destroyers counter failed to significantly weaken the enemy though they did disable the weapons on the northern raider, nor did the Oath of Loyalty arrive. The Dark ones took four points for Three Ė Eight, a lone warrior survivor in the centre holding our objective there as a full squad of incubi bore down on him.

Our lonely warrior fell and so did the left hand warriors, mopped up by the scourge. The destroyers were targeted by three enemy units including the Razorwing and newly disembarked warriors from the crippled raider. Already depleted, they all fell ending our presence on the field. The Oath of Loyalty aborted its approach and retreated ignominiously. Three Thirteen the score with our entire force eliminated. We had taken out the Tantalus and a few scourge and badly damaged both Raiders, but it amounted to a loss rate of just 18%.

We had lost all seven units deployed, over two thirds of the full strength, in stark contrast the Dark Eldar had four units entirely unscathed. A severe reverse for the Necrontyr as they bid farewell to their current battle codex.


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