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 Issue 8 - Apocalypse

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Issue 8 - Apocalypse   Wed 14 Jan - 13:28:35

There is nothing like a reward game of Apocalypse. Taking your whole collection and using it to obliterate your opponent (unless you are the obliterated) is a very rewarding experience. The game is also a great opportunity to use your models that you would not always get the chance to - such as those titans or gargantuan creatures.

The problem is, however, time. You should expect a game to take a minimum of 8 hours including set up. This means a bit of planning is well worth the effort, especially as getting your gaming group together is like herding cats.

First of all you need space - a minimum of 8' by 6' is paramount to successfully play an Apocalypse game. Finding a venue for this is tricky. If you live in Essex or Kent then Wayland Games in Hockley is an ideal venue for this, as they have tables and scenery all prepared. In the North there is Warhammer World. Other than that, community centres, GW stores or rehearsal rooms are all good places to think about. You may need to hire the room, so each player should be prepared to contribute to the cost of hire. Don't let anyone fob you off with non payment. No pay = no play.

I make a point of giving 6 weeks notice. A long time, but plenty for players to let wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends etc that they will be gaming on that day. Now you know your time frame its time to start planning the game. Pick a mission, pick the points and arrange the players into sides. Make sure the date is explicit and let them know that if they fin out that they cant make it then it is ok, just make sure they let you know. If you get upset or angry you will only scare players off - or they will not let you know when they cant come.

You will need to remind people a week before and also make the point that it is ok if circumstances have changed and they cant make it.

Before the players turn up they must be aware that they need their army lists, formation cards and rules, not to mention codex and Imperial Armour books. Also remind them to bring dice and templates. There is nothing more annoying than only one player having dice and then the game slowing down because of it. Build in set up time as part of the game. It is usually best for you the organiser to dictate the special rules and events that will take place. By all means listen to others, but ultimately you are organising and if they want a speciic type of game - they are of course welcome to organise one themselves.

It is better to make sure that models are all used as what they are. A Rhino being used as a Baneblade is totally against the spirit of the game.

On a closing note - cater your game for your gaming group - you know them best - so meet their needs. Do this and they will go away happy and ready for another game of Apocalypse - and you get to be the hero of the day - or villain.
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Issue 8 - Apocalypse
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