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 Stalemate on Odessa

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PostSubject: Stalemate on Odessa   Mon 5 Jan - 12:02:54

Stalemate on Odessa

Overlord Mecredia led the attack on the space wolf fortress complex established on Odessa. Under his command, the 47th Heavy Assault Brigade. He headed a squad of tesla carbine armed immortals on the right, mirroring a similar squad with Gauss Blasters centre left. On the left and centre left two Triarch Stalkers with heavy Gauss Cannon, with a third centre right with heat ray.

On the left with a cryptek, nine Pariahs and centre right, eight Praetorians with Particle Casters and Void Blades. On the right, four whip coil equipped wraiths and centrally and on the right a total of none scarab swarms. Also on the left, the Annihilation barge NNV Unbreakable Resolve whilst in the centre behind cover the Barges NNV Terminator and Rightful Heirs.

Additional heavy support was supplied on the left by a Heat Pylon, in the centre a Sentry Pylon and on the Right a Death Pylon. Total strength deployed was 2819. In reserve a further force 990 strong consisted of the Night Scythes NNV Effortless and Motivator, plus the Doom Scythes NNV Inevitable Victory and Stellar Inferno.

The enemy position centred on a fortress of redemption with defence lines stretching to redoubts and bunkers on the flanks. Two gatling cannons and an Icarus Lascannon added formidable firepower to the wolves’ forces. Four units of wolves occupied four of the five buildings, one, on the right, including their warlord. The two in the actual fortress were on the battlements whilst the other two units skulked under the heavy concrete roofs of the bunkers themselves.

Behind the defence lines, assault marines lurked on the right and centre left three wolves. On the left was an armoured vehicle and in reserve a flier. Estimated enemy strength including fortifications was 2000. The enemy, alerted to our pre dawn approach opened fire first, calling down artillery using the fortress auger systems as well as firing with long range weaponry inflicting losses on one of our scarab units.

The Lascannon took out our right hand Triarch Stalker for first blood, then a second one, the one in the centre fell too. Our pariahs were targeted but resisted all shots whilst a wraith, praetorian and immortal centre left were not so lucky. An attempted psychic attack was denied.

We advanced though the Terminator hung back. Opening fire the Death Pylon destroyed two buildings of the fortress of redemption collapsing them both and causing something like 50% casualties to the two units of marines atop the battlements.

The scarabs advanced making good headway in the low gravity conditions; our shooting on the left was disappointing though. Now Dark Eldar forces appeared unexpectedly on our flanks: Two Raiders loaded with wracks and Grotesques led by homunculi supported by two Ravagers appeared on the right, on the left, two Payne Engines menaced our last stalker, pariahs and the Unbreakable Resolve. Estimated strength of the new arrivals, 1000 -1200.

Assault marines landed via jet pack infront of our wraiths and wolf cavalry arrived before our central scarabs. The Tau also arrived unexpectedly: Two units of battlesuits, an Aethereal with fire warriors and a unit of Broadsides all landed behind the defence lines on the left. Orbital sensor drones reported a Piranha, Riptide and further fire warrior squad incoming but still out of range. Estimated strength of this new faction also, 1000-1200.

Tactical score at this point was four – three in our favour but the new arrivals meant the enemy strength had almost doubled. The Wolf gunship also arrived in the centre of the field. Taking losses into account from the first turn and with the reserves now committed it’s estimated that from an overwhelming advantage of 2800 v 1900 we now were on the wrong end of something like 3100 v 3300.

Our interceptor fire directed at a Raider was poor, just a glancing hit on the jinking skimmer. Our scarabs on the right which had damaged the right hand bunker in assault were now wiped out by gatling fire from its autoguns. Another immortal fell on the left but the Pariahs resisted all shots once again.

The assault marines took out two of our three wraiths and wiped out the other in assault for minor loss. Our right hand immortals took heavy losses and their leadership, hampered by Dark Eldar trickery failed and their morale broke and they fled the field together with the overlord. Then the wolves destroyed our other scarabs and the Dark Eldar destroyed the Death Pylon.*

*Forgot about its sepulchral scarabs, damn.

Six units down, all on our right which was looking flimsy suddenly with just the Rightful Heirs and Triarch Praetorians left. Fortunately our reserves now began to arrive: The Effortless dropped her deathmarks close to the wolves before being shot down by Tau interceptor fire, she fell onto the Rightful Heirs but caused no damage.

Both Doom Scythes arrived, the Inevitable Victory attacking the right hand bunker causing some damage causing the marines to fall back. The Stellar Inferno targeted the Dark Eldar, its death ray cutting through the raiders and a Ravager but all three survived by jinking. The Raiders however did not last long, hit by Tesla destructors from the Terminator and Stellar Inferno, wrecking them both. Naturally enough, their passengers disembarked.

The Payne engines took hits from the Stalker and Cryptek with the Pariahs whilst the deathmarks and praetorians destroyed the wolves. The Stalker and Pariahs now assaulted the two Payne engines and whilst both were reduced to one wound, the stalker was destroyed, exploding under a smash attack. The Heat pylon destroyed the left hand bunker and the Unbreakable Resolve helped reduce the number of marine survivors that crawled from the rubble.

The Dark Eldar, intimidated by the loss of two units and the crippling of two more now withdrew in cowardly fashion for which a nominal three points were awarded to us. Having lost eight units including our warlord and destroyed only three more plus a bunker the score moved to eleven – twelve in the enemy’s favour. The force balance was now something like 1900 v 2200 including the final reserves that now arrived.

These reserves were in the shape of another unit of Tau fire warriors, the riptide and piranha failing to appear at least. The Inevitable Victory was shot down now, possibly by the enemy storm fang, but our deathmarks resisted a salvo from Tau broadsides. Our pariahs took some losses including their cryptek and the Rightful Heirs exploded under fire from meltas wielded by the assault marines.

That brought the enemy score to 14. The Motivator with its complement of deathmarks now failed to arrive, probably stuck in a queue with the riptide and piranha. The deathmarks we did have killed off the assault marines bringing the score to 12 for us, the sentry pylon, Praetorians and Terminator failed to bring down the storm fang but the Stellar inferno destroyed the scarab weakened right hand bunker bringing our score to 13.

The Pariahs and Unshakeable Resolve now destroyed a unit of advancing Tau battle suits tying the score. Our immortals and the Heat Pylon fired on the last remaining enemy building for the victory, but failed to destroy it. 14- 14 then the final result. Neither side was able to claim linebreaker.

The Tau had lost one unit of the six deployed with two more never deployed. The Dark Eldar had lost two of ten deployed with the Payne Engines both down to their last wound. The Space wolves had lost two of nine units deployed and four out of five buildings. Four surviving marine units had taken moderate losses and the Gunship was slightly damaged.

Estimated overall losses to the enemy, mainly wolves and the fortifications, perhaps 40%. We had lost twelve complete units of the 23 deployed with two further reserve units worth 320 never deployed. The immortals losses totalled 60%, the deathmarks 5%, crypteks one third, Pariahs 55%. Total losses amounted to approx 53%. In terms of results against individual factions, the score mirrored the overall draw: 8-8, 5-5 and 1-1.

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Stalemate on Odessa
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