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 More Major Massacre

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PostSubject: More Major Massacre   Mon 22 Dec - 13:10:33

More Major Massacre

Meanwhile in sector 623 to the north Illuminor Szeras with an entourage of five crypteks led two squads of immortals looking to deny the Tau an artefact left there by a destroyed Tau regiment two days previously.

The Necron force was 564 strong but Szeras hoped for assistance from flayed ones known to be in that sector. The Tau brought a force of around 700, centred on a riptide with three battle suits on our right and a piranha, two squads of fire warriors and an Aethereal on our left,

The Tau seized the initiative and attacked just before dawn killing several crypteks and immortals and only one of six casualties, a cryptek, reanimated. Our tesla carbine armed immortals ran forward and took the artefact whilst our crypteks wounded the riptide.

The riptide advanced and cut down our immortals with the relic and our crypteks suffered more losses too, but now flayed ones appeared on our left flank menacing the fire warrior squads.

Now our crypteks broke under fire and fled whilst our immortals also took losses as the enemy advanced en masse, ignoring the flayed ones. We tried again to take the objective and caused further wounds to the riptide, but devastating return fire wiped out our immortals completely.

The flayed ones now assaulted engaging the Aethereal and his squad. They were more effective than the Tau despite losing two overwatch and two more in the assault but te Tau held despite seeing both our casualties reanimate.

The enemy advanced and destroyed Szeras and the last cryptek now, seizing the objective and eventually the flayed ones, still four strong broke having reduced the fire warriors to four. Although the enemy did not secure linebreaker a near clean sweep for the followers of the greater good, five nil including secondary objectives. They had lost just six fire warriors and the riptide had been reduced to one wound. Total defeat.

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More Major Massacre
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