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 Minor Massacre

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PostSubject: Minor Massacre   Mon 22 Dec - 13:09:48

Minor Massacre

Sector 618 and lord Pellada tasked with securing the bastion there led a squad of just five immortals supported by a cryptek with five deathmarks. Force strength just 250, the reports of Dark Eldar intruders in the area proved correct as they appeared with wychs aboard a Raider and a Beastmaster with beast accompaniment.

However, more pressing was the little matter of a Tyranid horde, twice the size of his force massing close to the bastion objective. Pellada sent forward his deathmarks to occupy the bastion, ignoring the Dark Eldar on his right. He occupied high ground south east of the bastion intending to set up a field of fire covering the entrance.

The Tyranids had a Tervigon and termagants which it began to birth reinforcements immediately. In the centre, a venomthrope lurked, facing our left three warriors with two more creatures behind.

The deathmarks made it into the bastion and engaged the warriors bringing the fortress weaponry into life too, but they had already lost two of their number in the race to make it there first. They wounded a warrior and Pellada destroyed several spore mines that had dropped near the deathmarks.

The Dark Eldar swung around the right flank and engaged the termagants advancing there, losing their raider forcing disembarkation of the wychs. Their beast squad had taken looses too but assaulted now, only to be wiped out.

We now lost Pellada to long range shooting and killed a warrior in response but now the bastion was destroyed by assault from the Tervigon. Only our cryptek escaped and retreated taking out some termagants as he did so.

The wychs on the right struggled in assault but eventually fell as they were swarmed over by the monsters. The cryptek was killed and with our objective lost our four remaining immortals phased out leaving the field to the Tyranids who had lost less than a third of their force whilst wiping out the Dark Eldar and nearly three quarters of our force.

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Minor Massacre
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