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 Necrons V Dark Eldar: You Decide the winner!

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PostSubject: Necrons V Dark Eldar: You Decide the winner!   Tue 16 Dec - 13:13:07

Grotesque Defeat*

* For someone

Battalion Omega T65 based around Bastion NN8466-ZFJ was attacked by Dark Eldar forces, uncharacteristically attacking in broad daylight. They advanced with two raiders on the flanks, a †Ravager centrally, a Reaper at the rear and a Talos and Cronos Payne engine lurking in the centre.

Overlord NíSteth in command led a squad of immortals with tesla carbines and a cryptek with voltaic staff to the west of our position, a Lord with more immortals lay just south west of the objective,* Triarch Praetorians were in column behind, more immortals atop the bastion with a cryptek armed with an eldritch lance, three wraiths on each flank and a tomb sentinel on the right.

* This formation may or may not have constituted one unit

Most immortals has gauss blasters, the Praetorians had void blades and particle casters. Two wraiths in each unit had whip coils and one wraith had a particle caster. The Dark ones deployed had a warp portal close to our right flank, but we had the orbital missile platform GY-98 which unleashed a barrage of missiles against the attackers, destroying the Reaper.

First blood you might think but no, unusual rules in place for this one. The enemy advanced but made little serious progress and failed to inflict any serious casualties. One immortal fell in the western building which was also our ammunition store.

The Praetorians and immortals concentrated our return fire on the left immobilising the Raider there allowing the wraiths to assault and finish it off,* causing its crew of wracks and a homunculi to pile out.

*First blood? Donít ask

Our central immortals took the objective in the centre but the Payne engines were also closing. The wraiths on the right then unbelievably botched their assault attempt on the Ravager that had drifted unwisely close. It prudently now dropped back, somewhat alarmed at the close call. Reaver jet bikes emerged from the warp portal to menace our right flank and the bastion.

The wracks assaulted the wraiths who were reduced to one but the immortals in the centre fared even worse as the cronos assaulted and they broke and were wiped out.

There now follows a multiple choice section. Necron readers should read paragraph A, Dark Eldar readers paragraph B.

A The Lord did however reanimate to contest the objective and prevent first blood to the enemy.* Obviously the Lord was an integral part of the unit and so therefore first blood could not apply whilst he survived.

* Which had to occur in a building to score

B Despite the reanimation of the lord, the Dark Eldar had eliminated the immortals unit so first blood to them.

The praetorians now failed to assault the Talos engine and the wraiths attacked the cronos but it stubbornly remained on one wound. The tomb sentinel then attacked the jet bikes which were partially occupying a building eliminating one with its beamer before killing four in assault. The last bike broke and fled.

A First blood to me! The bike unit was partially in a building so could score first blood, and though the last bike fled, as it was unable to rally it was counted as destroyed. Of course first blood was still unclaimed as the Lord had survived the Cronos attack in the centre earlier

B Sadly of course this did not result in first blood to the Necrons thanks to the destruction of the immortals in the centre, besides although not attempted a theoretical bout of insane heroism could have made the sole survivor rally before it left the field.

Scourge now arrived to replace the departed jet bikes and together with the Ravager opened fire on the tomb sentinel, which already wounded, was destroyed. The Talos Payne engine attacked the wraiths in the centre, whilst our lone wraith surrounded by wracks fought on manfully.*

*Or possibly wraithfully?

The bastion immortals raked the raider bearing Vect and his grotesques with fire and the immortals to the west and the cryptek with his voltaic staff also contributed and the raider was wrecked. Our praetorians fell back to seize the objective.

The wraiths were finished off in both parts of the battlefield however, fire from our praetorians caused the wracks to go to ground. The payne engines split up, the Talos to attack the praetorians, the Cronos to join the assault on the Overlordís group.

The grotesques and Cronos engine fired on the immortals slaying the cryptek and more than half the troops, but most reanimated, though sadly not the cryptek with his lightning field. They then received the assault of the two groups and NíSteth challenged Vect. The immortals all fell but Nísteth survived remarkably though on just one wound.

Vect was affected by mindshackle scarabs but tragically failed to kill himself, meanwhile our bastion group took some losses exchanging fire with scourge and the Ravager. Half the praetorians fell to the Talos but two reanimated. The lord joined the assault bringing his mindshackle scarabs to bear. The full force of Grotesques, Cronos and Vect finished off NíSteth despite a grotesque being scarab controlled and they unsportingly boxed him in to prevent his (otherwise successful) reanimation.

The action broke off with the Praetorians, Lord and Talos still locked in assault contesting the objective, our bastion and its unit still engaged. Surviving: A cryptek and five immortals on the bastion, five Praetorians and the lord. Total strength 385, a casualty rate of just under three quarters of the 1498 deployed.

The enemy wracks and homunculi despite their several rounds of combat with wraiths and receiving fire were unscathed, the scourge had suffered barely any losses, the Ravager was intact and Vect and his grotesques were unharmed. The enemy had lost two raiders wrecked, their Reaper and reavers. The Ravager was damaged and the Cronos badly wounded. Estimated losses: 25%.

A With only one point awarded for the objective to us and a secondary objective
each, a tactical win to us despite the enemy force taking very light casualties.

B With both secondary objectives taken by the Raiders a two Ė one victory to the Dark Eldar, quite close despite the heavy losses we suffered in comparison to the old enemy.

So who won? Vote now and determine the outcome of this titanic struggle. Or maybe you think it should be a draw?

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Necrons V Dark Eldar: You Decide the winner!
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