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 Issue 6 - Cometh the Necrons

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Issue 6 - Cometh the Necrons   Mon 15 Dec - 13:20:36

So what a 40K year. New Tyranids, new Dark Eldar, New Orcs, New Space Wolves, New Blood Angels and with the latest Shield of Baal Supplement on release this week, new Necron bits too.

This must be a first for GW - a version of W40K and all of the Codexes available in the same rules format - happy days. I am looking forward for additional supplements and campaign books.

I have also been enjoying the new spray paint collections. Incubi Darkness is a massive time saver for Dark Eldar troops. Also for those vehicles and Titans. Now bring me an Apocalypse vehicle for the Dark Eldar and I will be mega happy.

Interestingly the shield of Baal part 2 you can still order on line - shows what the impact of releasing the soft back formats has done - put a blunt end to those ebay vultures - good riddance to the lot of you - scum bags and all.

Now time to go and formulate my next lot of excuses for losing to those pesky Necrons.
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Issue 6 - Cometh the Necrons
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