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 Controversy Rages

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PostSubject: Controversy Rages   Wed 10 Dec - 17:16:18

High drama on Eden Fall as the recent clash between Dark Eldar and Necrons has resulted in a dispute on scoring: The Necron Spokesman Overlord Vargarian in a short statement said:

'We are appalled by the conduct of what I can only describe as these pesky Commorrites: First blood was clearly ours, the immortal unit wiped out in a lucky assault by the Cronos engine had a lord attached, a lord who reanimated and indeed survived the remainder of the battle. As he did not constitute a unit himself and was indeed part of the immortals unit, the unit was not destroyed, ergo, no first blood to the Eldar scum. I won't even mention the fact that we had already destroyed a Raider and Reaper but these were not counted on some obscure technicality we were tricked into agreeing to...'

Rakarth, speaking for the Dark Ones commented:

' Well clearly our ancient friends are addled by their old age, a unit of immortals was deployed, a unit of immortals was destroyed. By Us. First. Bloodily. Need I say any more. The presence of a Lord who reanimated is irrelevant, the immortals unit was eliminated. Along with three times as many Necron casualties as ours I might add. One might say we crushed our foes severely in fact.'

The dispute is key to the outcome as the score without the disputed point is 1-1, with the Necrons holding the single objective at the end of turn 1 (it was disputed for the entire remainder of the conflict), and the Dark Eldar slaying the warlord. Whoever gets the disputed first blood point wins 2-1.
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Controversy Rages
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