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 Wolf Bait

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PostSubject: Wolf Bait   Tue 9 Dec - 17:06:39

Wolf Bait

Space wolves driving towards Point Indigo on Alamacria were met by Overlord Elkhrinix and Taskforce Nine. Two Sentry pylons, one with Gauss exterminator and one mounting a death ray were at the core of his position with immortal squads on both flanks and a third led by the Overlord himself in the centre.

The left hand squad was led by a cryptek with a voltaic staff and equipped with tesla carbines. The other squads had the traditional gauss blasters. On the right, three wraiths with whip coils, in reserve a tomb sentinel and the Night Scythe NNV Progressive with eight deathmarks and a cryptek with Abyssal staff on board.

Total force strength, matched by the enemy was 1500. The wolves had two rhinos containing troops, a Stormwolf with captain and troops in reserve, plus a cheating drop pod to bring a team in close. The Rhinos started centre left with two units of wolf cavalry, one including the warlord to their left.

The enemy advanced and a rhino took the westernmost objective and popped smoke. We started already holding three objectives but the enemy drop pod fell straight in front of the death pylon, taking an interceptor hit as it did so. The enemy troops poured forth and immediately took out two wraiths.

The drop pod was destroyed by the Death pylon for first blood and its passengers were reduced to three. The wraith then reduced the squad to just a sergeant in assault and he fled though he rallied quickly. The initial phase ended with the score 1-2.

Our immortals on the left began an ongoing firefight with the grey hunters that emerged from the deep rhino in the centre. The enemy flier now arrived on our right but deep whilst the other rhino charged forward. The lone sergeant was killed by overwatch but the trio of wolves that had veered towards our centre assaulted and destroyed those immortals though Elkhrinix had already separated from them.

The other wolf cavalry crashed into our right hand immortals losing a wolf to overwatch, but inflicting heavy losses, the wraith joining the assault to assist fell leaving just four immortals. The forward rhino resisted death ray attack but the other exploded despite its smoke screen. Our Night Scythe arrived centrally and dropped its deathmarks behind the enemy cavalry there inflicting some damage but not as much as desired.

On the right, the tomb sentinel arrived and did its best to damage the Death pylon after its shot went wild. The score at the end of this turn had moved to 1-5. Enemy troops were well amongst us now and we had failed to bring down the flier.

The Stormwolf now dropped its passengers centrally close to our deathmarks inflicting losses but fortunately failing to assault. The wolf cavalry ravaging our left was depleted now having drawn much fire and our Overlord and tomb sentinel joined the assault on the enemy warlord on the right. Elkhrinex already wounded challenged him but then unfortunately failed with his scarabs. Tactically a better round for us, but the score moved to 4-9.

The last wolves fell but the deathmarks were now wiped out. The death pylon destroyed the last rhino and inflicted other losses on the marines on our left that had destroyed the deathmarks; the flier was shot down by the Progressive as it wheeled left to return towards the battle, the exterminator pylon as usual having been ineffective.

Our left hand immortal continued to fire but was being whittled away. The cryptek reanimated successfully and our scarabs were now working though more fresh troops from the last rhino now attacked our sentinel. With poor objectives and the wolves territorially superior the score now progressed to 4-10.

The Exterminator pylon now lost its last wound and the Overlord fell to the enemy warlord as his scarabs failed. The tomb sentinel also fell to the fresh enemy troops. The enemy squad on our left was finally destroyed by the combined efforts of our cryptek, Death Pylon, immortals and the Progressive but that was the last action as neither side had a taste to continue into the night.

The Death pylon and the Progressive were both badly damaged, the cryptek had of course been killed once and we had just three immortals left from the three squads of eight deployed. Our rallied strength, 341, a loss rate of over 77% with six of ten units lost. The enemy had their warlord and two squads of grey hunters including both sergeants. These squads had suffered about 25% casualties, their estimated casualty rate: 75% with seven units lost including all vehicles

With the final objective score added including linebreaker to the wolves the confirmed result was 4-14 despite the relatively even score in losses. So ends our longest run of victories.


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Wolf Bait
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