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 Issue 5 - Blood Angels it is

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Issue 5 - Blood Angels it is   Fri 5 Dec - 13:01:40

So my portents of foretelling come true - Blood Angels are here. which means the next Codex will be Necrons (unless a new army is created). So expect lots of red armies and successor chapters on the table tops.

Also released shortly is the soft back versions of Leviathon - so I have already reserved my copy - new cities of death here we come.

If you are a Hobbit fan then the new releases will be out for Christmas along with the softback editions of Leviathon- so hahah to the ebay vultures who snapped up lots of hard backs to try and make a profit.

Christmas just around the corner, I accept expensive Dark Eldar presents gratefully. Please give generously.

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Issue 5 - Blood Angels it is
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