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 Narrow Victory

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PostSubject: Narrow Victory   Mon 24 Nov - 17:29:38

Narrow Victory

Eden Fall Campaign Third Engagement

Overlord Sezemex lead a force to defend the right flank of the 19th Army where Dark Eldar raiders were threatening to break through the ruins of the suburbs of Nablia. He commanded a squad of immortals that took position centrally towards the right with a cryptek in attendance. Behind his squad, another cryptek with ten warriors, to the left of the central building dominating his position, another cryptek and warrior entourage.

Six wraiths also lay behind the immortals and on the left at the rear, four destroyers, three of them heavy were close to the road that ran through the sector. Total force strength deployed was 1180, however, another 320 remained in reserve; the Night Scythe NNV Brutal Vengeance with ten deathmarks and a cryptek aboard.

The enemy had a Reaper in the centre, flanked by raiders, one bearing grotesques, the other wracks. Incubi were located across from our right, on our left, reaver jet bikes. A Talos and Cronos Payne Engine also lay on the enemy’s left flank.

In orbit the Cruiser NNV Vibrant Destruction was able to fire a few shots in support of Sezemex before being diverted to assist Overlord Nhemros and his offensive in the mountainous region to the North West. Two Raiders were damaged; one losing its fire control system and two incubi fell too.

Enemy counter bombardment struck Sezemex’s own unit killing two immortals but other shots went wild. Three warriors in the reserves fell but all reanimated. Our destroyers moved west and fired on the reaper but the enemy vessel jinked potential damage.

With dawn yet to break our immortals advanced against the enemy on the right and our two warrior squads took possession of the central building and closed with the enemy. Our wraiths also advanced and the left hand squad fluked an assault at extreme range on the reaper, destroying it easily.

The enemy sent the raider with wracks aboard to reinforce the incubi and the grotesques disembarked to attack the victorious wraiths. The Cronos engine also joined the attack on the wraiths attacking from behind in a pincer movement. The enemy bikes attacked our destroyers and shockingly, despite only losing the destroyer the heavies broke and were wiped out.

The Brutal Vengeance then arrived on the right and dropped its squad near the Talos Payne engine. Fatally, they deathmarked the wracks rather than the Talos or incubi. Equally fatally, their cryptek was killed landing in the difficult terrain. Even with the tesla destructors of the Brutal Vengeance taken into account the enemy right withstood everything we could throw at them.

Our second wraith squad failed to join their comrades in the ongoing assault and the wraiths took a casualty to the enemy warlord, Urien Rakarth. Two jetbikes fell to our warriors’ fire but aided by their drugs passed their morale test.* The enemy scourge reserves now arrived although only one of two squads was available.

* Just say yes

The enemy had intended to deep strike to our rear, but mis happed and landed well away to the North West. The enemy attacked in force, the two engines attacking our second wraith squad after our left hand wraiths were eliminated.

The wracks and incubi assaulted our deathmarks reducing them to just three though their morale held heroically.* The jet bikes attacking our warriors were destroyed. The engines were deadlocked with the other wraiths.

*So surprised were they at surviving that the fallen six had not even bothered to attempt to reanimate.

Eventually the deathmarks fell and the wracks re embarked on their raider following the example of their leaders and grotesques who had moved to seize a second building to the south west. At this point we held three and the enemy two.

The enemy raider with an operational death lance took out a warrior in our rear echelon and the raider to the west was damaged by our warriors. Our immortals and Sezemex joined the assault on the enemy engines but we lost a wraith whilst the overlord’s mindshackle scarabs failed.

The enemy third wave failed to appear and the scourge could not hit our flier which itself failed to damage the raider it targeted. The other raider was now wrecked by difficult terrain forcing the grotesques to disembark and though they brought down a warrior they failed to assault. The enemy incubi got amongst our immortals but though we lost the combat our morale held and the Talos was temporarily taken out by scarabs.

The action broke off with both sides having claimed two objectives, but the third disputed building was ours because we were contesting with our immortal troop unit. Tactical victory to us then. However, our rallied strength was down to 739, a loss rate approaching 51%. We had lost three units as had the Dark Eldar. Our Overlord was injured, we had lost one of four crypteks, four of six wraiths, three of twenty warriors and six of nine immortals. The Brutal Vengeance was undamaged.

Enemy losses were estimated at one third with the scourge intact, the remaining raider damaged, both engines damaged and half of the incubi lost. One grotesque was wounded and one wrack lost. Both the Homunculi and Rakarth, the enemy warlord, were unharmed. One reserve unit of scourge had failed to arrive.

An unusual engagement with the deathmarks failing to do their usual damage, rugged though they proved in assault. The Night Scythe was also unusually ineffective and our destroyers were abject leaving our wraiths and warriors to inflict most damage, though our second warrior unit did not even fire a shot.

Our third victory of the campaign in three attempts, but the second where we took heavier losses. This is now our best ever winning streak: Seven consecutive victories.

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Narrow Victory
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