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 Another Bite of the Apple

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PostSubject: Another Bite of the Apple   Mon 17 Nov - 14:05:11

Another Bite of The Apple

Eden Fall again and our forces moved to eliminate a Tau Cadre in sector 38 Gamma Six East of the River Maneria. The engagement took place amid the ruins of the small town of Ledriton, a key strategic crossing point of the great river.

Overlord Ohmnid had three nine strong warrior squads, each led by a cryptek. He placed one on the left of his position holding the only intact bridge and one on his right flank with a third in reserve centre left behind the rising ground where the town centre ruins were located. The flank crypteks had eldritch lances, the reserve a voltaic staff.

He led a full squad of immortals all equipped with tesla carbines and placed himself in the centre. To his right were three wraiths with whip coils. In reserve, the Night Scythe NNV Deadly Prowess carried a full squad of deathmarks led by a fourth cryptek, this one with an abyssal staff. Finally a Tomb Sentinel gave him a flanking option.

The Tau had two squads of fire warriors facing our left with an Aethereal safely behind the formidable screen of pulse rifles. In the centre, a squad of pathfinders infiltrated ruins, behind them three broadsides. To the rear, a Piranha skimmer and massing centre right four crisis suits. Finally and most formidably, a huge Riptide faced our right.

Apart from the bridge on the left, there was a further objective on the far right, three in the ruined town centre, one held by the Tau already and a sixth at the rear of the Tau position.

We advanced, seizing the two unoccupied objectives in the centre and opened fire with our left hand eldritch lance with no result. In fact because most of our units were running to take objectives we managed very little fire this turn. The pathfinders, closest enemy unit were well concealed in their ruin and we failed to injure any with our main attack.

So not so much as a scratch caused by us to our delicate adversaries, (the Riptide did damage itself through a weapons malfunction). They advanced their battlesuits centre right and together with their broadsides, devastated our wraiths for first blood. Our immortals holding the south west objective took heavy losses from the Riptide and the warriors holding the bridge also lost half their number.

We lost five warriors and none managed to reanimate, whilst the immortals lost six but five recovered, aided by Ohmnid’s resurrection orb. At the end of the first exchanges the score was two – six in the enemy’s favour.

Our reserves now arrived, the Deadly Prowess dropping her deathmarks to the east close to the Riptide which they deathmarked. Also arriving, our tomb sentinel which emerged behind the Aethereal but missed completely with its Transdimensional beamer. The Deadly Prowess, jinking to avoid interceptor fire also missed the battle suits whilst at long range our warriors could only pick off a handful of fire warriors on the left and cause one wound to the battle suits in the centre.

The Tomb Sentinel was damaged by the enemy Piranha and our deathmarks took heavy losses including their cryptek. Only one survived but reanimation rallied the force to three. Worse, our immortals’ morale shockingly broke under fire and the Overlord and the three survivors of the squad fled towards the bridge. To cap it all our Night Scythe took a penetrating hit and was unable to manoeuvre to stay on the field. Despite all this, it was a better turn tactically with us taking the eastern objective for a four – one score making it Six – Five in our favour at this point.

The Overlord and his unit rallied now and he joined the warrior unit by the bridge. The tomb sentinel missed the Aethereal again with its beamer, though it did take out a pathfinder as the shot went wild. It then assaulted through heavy multiple overwatch fire, killing the Aethereal with its hammer of wrath and destroyed the entire unit of fire warriors as they tried to flee after discovering they could not harm the beast.

Two battle suits fell to the eastern warrior unit as the few deathmarks took cover in trees near the eastern objective. The broadsides now destroyed the tomb sentinel, aided by the piranha, whilst the fire warriors tried to close with their objective, the central south west one recently held by the immortals, but failed to make it.

Our eastern warriors and deathmarks took losses to the flamers and other weapons on the battle suits but their morale held, as did the immortals’ when they were reduced to two.
Incredibly this round we scored six unanswered victory points including two for slaying the enemy warlord. The score was now an impressive Twelve – five to our side.

We engaged the remaining fire warrior squad on the left with three squads of troops, reducing them to three, whilst the Deadly Prowess returned to engage the Broadsides, however, it was forced to jink and its shooting failed again, but it did keep the damage down to a single glancing hit.

On the right the deathmarks, down to just two now killed the two remaining suits with some accurate rending shooting and the immortals assaulted the few remaining fire warriors, but neither side inflicted any casualties in the ensuing melee.

Neither side scored any victory points this turn and the Tau withdrew having lost five units including the Riptide, their battle suits and all but three of the more than twenty fire warriors originally deployed. The Piranha and Broadsides were undamaged but even the hardy pathfinders had lost several of their number and only five escaped.

Estimated enemy losses were something like two thirds. We had lost one of four crypteks, 80% of the deathmarks, 30% of our warriors, 80% of our immortals and two complete units: The three wraiths and the Tomb Sentinel. The Deadly Prowess had lost two hull points. Our rallied strength was 729 of an original deployment of 1496, a loss rate of 52%.

With neither side getting linebreaker, honours were even on the other secondary objectives with us slaying the warlord and the Tau gaining first blood, but the tactical score overall remained 12 – 5 to us reflecting our greater success particularly on holding objectives, fully half of our points coming from territorial objectives.

Despite this the Necrontyr failed to translate the two early wins of the campaign into territorial gains, but the Tau have had notice served early that the Necrons are on a roll, indeed, this is only the second time they have recorded five straight wins.*

*Interestingly the previous run of five wins also occurred in a November, 2013

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Another Bite of the Apple
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