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 Issue 3 - Tyranids and Necrons

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Issue 3 - Tyranids and Necrons   Mon 10 Nov - 12:59:13

OMG - so what does the tyranid player do with the new models if they lose their copy or don't buy White Dwarf?

Well Dan at WD assures us not to worry - The Emperor Protects. So we could be looking at a new codex for V7 40K - so look out next week for the potential new codex or even a supplementary. It could also mean that a Lord of War is on it's way. So try not to get too disgruntled. That means also some revamps for V6 Codex books too....Watch this space.

Having seen how Codex Space Wolves and Dark Eldar have been streamlined - you should be expecting the same format for Codex Necrons.
Expect those complex rules to be removed. Re-animation protocols is likely to be replaced with feel no pain, reanimation orb/ feel no pain(4+) and those mindshackle Scarabs - well it will most likely be a standard Ld test but perhaps with a negative modifier. Entropic strike will most likely be deleted all together or made far less effective.
The Wraiths Whip Coils will probably get changed to some kind of initiative bonus for the Wraiths or a Hammer of Wrath bonus (much like the Dark Eldar Blade Vanes).
I hope the Night Scythe will not get changed as it is the best transporter in the game.
At a glance the Necron player will possibly be complaining, but in the end it is a certainty that the Codex will be much better (not difficult as the current one is a Matt Ward product) with all of the rules linked to the W40K rule book. This is only a good thing.
Don't expect much in the way of new models - look out for Finecast replacements and not much else.
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Issue 3 - Tyranids and Necrons
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