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 Issue 2 - Dark Eldar Codex

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Issue 2 - Dark Eldar Codex   Tue 4 Nov - 16:09:49

So my birthday out of the way and a proud recpient of a Revenant Tide as well as Codex Dark Eldar and the Voidraven Bomber.

Lets start with the negatives:
A lot of the background fluff is mostly re-used just cunningly placed in different areas of the book. There is also a lot of re-used photos and the Eavy Metal photos were mostly the studio teams own armies painted up which were seen in Visions issue 2.
The Ravager has been downgraded as it no longer has the arial assault rule and 5 of the special characters are no longer available.
The 3 new HQ models are not the greatest of sculpting genius, but the Succubus is an improvement over the old finecast model.

So the positives.

The rules are more streamlined. There are no ore complex rules. This means units like the Jet bikes have a choice of fire and assault, fire and hide or turbo boost and claim objectives. Cluster Caltrops and Blade Vanes add a bonus to your hammer of wrath impact and come with rending. HINT - Use them on light vehicles as you can wreck them before even getting as far as the fight sub phase. Not bad for a unit of 6 models. Plus with any luck your heat lances may have taken a few HP's off them before the assualt happens. If you accidentally destroy the unit then use the pop up movement to hide back in cover (skilled rider should give yo a 3+ cover without needing to jink.

Night shields are a superb bonus. Your skimmers will now jink on a 3+. Give them the flicker field and you can pop them on top of ruins to gain cover plus make assaulting them hard work. The flicker field giving you an invulnerable save against immobilised and any assault damage.

Other rules have been added from the rule book. Rampage is now with Lileth and the Grotesques, and no HQ choice is required to keep them in check. Combat drugs are all useful to all of your units, power from pain builds up with every turn - so no relying on destroying units to get those pain tokens.

Your weaponry is lethal - even the Tau might think twice about getting in to a shoot out with you. The amount of High yield AP and Instant Death rules is insane.

All of the difficult rules have been replaced with a standard rule - so you wont have your opponent screaming that you are cheating, show me the rule etc.

And last but not least the raiders from real space detachment gives you up to 6 Fast attack in a normal BAttle forged army - happy days.

The army will take you some getting used to - especially if you have the old codex. But choose wisely and keep reading the rules and you will be able to use this force exactly as the background suggests.
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Issue 2 - Dark Eldar Codex
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