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 The Story

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PostSubject: The Story   Tue 4 Nov - 15:51:23

Long ago, deep within the heart of what has become known as the Eris system, whispers foretold a baleful black sun that would appear without warning and bring terror to all.  Over time such myths gave form to prophecies concerning a nightmare star.  These prophecies predict calamitous events and the coming of universal ruin, warning of a threat that once was and shall be again, of the death of nations and of worlds laid waste.
The Hereticus Tenebrae is a thing that hovers maddeningly close to revelation and understanding, and yet eludes the grasp of the sane and insane alike.  The most troubling aspect of the mystery is that whatever the “thing” is that men have come to know as the Tyrant Star, it is in some measure terrifyingly real.
A chance discovery on the Agri World of Eden Fall has now set the mechanisations in to place, and now it would seem that the Prophecies of the Tyrant Star are far more than the ramblings of madmen.  The following transmission was picked up by the Imperial Inquisition….
Imperial Docket 31B
Preliminary Analysis of Obelisk Found During Expedition to Eden Fall
///Transcript begins///
The device, for that is what it is in truth, is a curved obelisk that stands approximately 7.5 metres high.  The device was devoid of all signs of age, though I would say that it has stood for many millennia.  A detailed analysis with the assistance of Magos Zephrin will be needed to fix its date of origin with greater certainty.  The device is fashioned from the psycho-active substance used in all Eldar construction.  However, my colleagues of the Priesthood of Mars have discovered that it is bonded to a seam of crystal that runs deep into the bedrock of this world.  This I believe is of considerable significance and I shall return to it later.
On the surface of the device are a series of rune-like inscriptions in low relief.  These inscriptions are consistent with a written form of the Eldar tongue.  I am familiar enough with the language of the Eldar to give crude assessment of the meaning of the inscriptions.  The basic tone of their meaning is a warning, but a warning imparted not to an enemy but to kin, or those who share in an understanding.  It is not the warning I expected, a warning to trespassers in the domains of the Eldar that are all too common to the feral worlds they consider under their protection.  Rather the warning was closer in meaning to “shun this place,” an entreaty to flee in the face of dire peril.
The Astropathic staff attached to the expedition inform me that the obelisk broadcasts a powerful psychic signal into the darkness of the surrounding stars.  I believe the purpose of this device is to send its message into the void.  I am forced to wonder whether the worlds in this volume of space might not harbour similar devices and to speculate a possible connection with the relative scarcity of Eldar activity within the Eris Sector.

///End treanscript///

Shiva is the furthest planet from the star, and is a frozen death world.  The populace is primitive and barbarous, making ideal recruits for the Space Wolves in this sector of Imperial Space.  They are also highly superstitious and often tell tales of mysterious disappearances and strange beings that steal their loved ones in the night.
Special rules: Shiva is a large planet made up of 19 tiles.  On the planet you should ensure that there is 1 bastion and 1 space port only.  
The planet uses Death Worlds Rules for all missions played on this planet.  There should also be 2 special locations indicated by a gold flag.
“And Hell Froze Over”.  Used in every battle fought on this planet.  Each turn all vehicles, jetbikes, jump units and jet pack units roll for dangerous terrain (even if they do not move).  If they fail, the following applies:
: All vehicles stall.  Their full has frozen and the vehicle is immobilised for the remainder of the game.  Flyers crash and burn.
: Jumpjet pack units may no longer use their jump/jet pack as their fuel freezes.  They are now considered infantry for the remainder of the game.
: Jetbikes are no longer useable.  The riders may dismount if you have the spare infantry models and be used as infantry of the same type as the rider.
“Sub-Zero”.  Every turn before firing the unit must test for weapons freezing.  On a roll of a one for each unit, the weapons of the entire unit freeze and may not be used for the remainder of the game.  They may only assault and pistols may not be counted as an extra close combat weapon.  Weapons with the “gets hot” special rule may re-roll this test and do not need to roll for “gets hot” for any battles on this planet.

Eden Fall is an agri world and the most idealic planet in the Eris system.  It is the most tranquil and peaceful of the Imperiums planets and the location of the “Device” that has started off the mystery of the Prohecies of the Tyrant Star,  The resources for the Imperial Tithe generated by Eden Fall are vital to the Eris system and the Imperium will fight fiercely to defend it.  The planet, unbeknownst to the populace, is also an ancient Necron tomb world.
Special Rules: Battles fought on Eden Fall use the mysterious woods and rivers rules from the Warhammer 40,000 rule book.  There are also 2 special location indicated by a gold flag.
The planet is 19 tiles in size and should have 3 space ports, 3 manufactorums, 3 power stations and 2 bastions as a minimum.

Close to Eden Fall, Odessa supports the tithe with heavy duty minerals.  It is the closest planet to the Eris star and as such is mostly a volcanic industrial zone.  It is heavily defended owing to its’ value in tithe.  Just the sort of target that Dark Eldar or Necrons go for.
Special Rules: Odessa is 7 tiles and all should have a strategic asset placed upon them.  All battles must use at least one piece of lethal terrain on the board – this could be a volcanic pool, or lava flow or some other suitable piece of scenery.  There is also one special location identified by a gold flag.

This massive moon orbits Odessa and is used to generate power for its’ parent planet.  It also happens to be an ideal staging point for pirates to raid the systems planets, safe from imperial eyes.
Special Rules:
“Low Gravity” – All units may move an additional 6” in the movement phase.  All units must make a dangerous terrain test, even if they do not move in that turn (Except for Flyers, these may ignore this rule).  All non-jump infantry units roll a scatter dice in the movement phase.  That is the direction the unit must move in.  If the unit has elected to not move then roll a D6-2 for how far the unit involuntarily moves.
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The Story
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