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 Rage In Eden

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PostSubject: Rage In Eden   Tue 4 Nov - 13:57:22

Rage in Eden*

*Not affiliated with Ultravox

The latest campaign got underway with an attack on Tau contaminants polluting the surface of Crown World Alamacria, arrogantly redesignated Eden Fall by the interloping Imperium of Man.

Sector 528914 Gamma was the area targeted to begin the elimination of the Tau incursion. The Tau had a Riptide, Piranha and some battlesuits occupying a landing pad in the south west quadrant of that sector and three more battle suits to the North East. In the centre, commanding the entire sector, a fortress containing two squads of fire warriors, one at each end of the building, the northern one led by an Aethereal and atop its central tower, a sniper team of some sort.

The attack force of Overlord Dymorsos included three squads of immortals each seven strong, two with gauss blasters and one with tesla carbines, three tomb blades with gauss blasters and shadowlooms, the Night scythe NNV Impudent containing the overlord, a cryptek and a full unit of deathmarks, plus seven Triarch Praetorians with void blades and particle caster. Finally and for the first time in this quadrant, the Necrontyr deployed a Tomb sentinel.

The Necrons fired half a dozen firestorms from low orbit, but only one struck true killing one battlesuit on the North east bastion. The first wave of the attack got underway with attacks from the south, the Tomb Sentinel on the left, a unit of immortals towards the centre, the praetorians centre right and the tomb blades centre left. The tomb sentinel destroyed a unit of battlesuits on the landing pad in assault.

The Triarch Praetorians assaulted the fortress and destroyed its southern bastion and associated weapons battery and it collapsed killing a quarter of the fire warriors within. In reply losses were inflicted by the enemy’s fire including a tomb blade and some praetorians, but most notably the tomb sentinel. Now the remainder of our forces arrived in a second wave.

Another unit of gauss armed immortals took the centre, the tesla equipped troops entering on the right. The Impudent arrived centre left and dropped its deathmarks close to the northern bastion of the central fortress. The cryptek, Overlord and snipers opened a withering fire on the Tau HQ wiping it out completely, most notably by the cryptek’s Abyssal staff.

The Impudent’s tesla fire did little against the battle suits and the gauss fire of the immortals harmlessly bounced off the Riptide’s armour. The praetorians now assaulted the fire warriors from the destroyed fortress bastion but did little. The bikes attempted t assault the remaining battlesuits on the skypad only to fall to the highly effective combined Tau overwatch.

The skypad units turned their fire against the deathmarks nearby cutting down many of the squad but more than half of the casualties reanimated. The fire warriors fell in assault against the praetorians who moved off north eastwards. The Impudent inflicted one casualty on the snipers on the tower but the praetorians failed their bastion assault taking losses as they did so.

Our troops continued to be ineffective to the south and the skypad units now wiped out our deathmarks despite the fact that they had taken cover on the battlements of the fortress and gone to ground. Only the overlord survived and he took cover within the structure. The Impudent, already badly damaged was now shot down.

The enemy now moved at last from the skypad, the two battlesuits attacking the fortress containing the overlord but the stand off between our immortals and the Riptide and Piranha continued. One of our immortals switched targets and destroyed the battle suits, but only after our warlord had fallen. Luckily however, he reanimated.

The Impudent had circled the battlefield, unable to inflict damage on anything much it seemed. We lost the tesla immortals now after a couple of escapes thanks to double getting hot troubles for the riptide. The praetorians destroyed the North East bastion with their entropic strike and the two battle suits emerged to do battle with them.

Our two immortal squads attempted assaults against the skypad, one failing against the piranha and the other succeeding against the riptide, only to be destroyed. The praetorians injured the battlesuits, destroying one’s armour but also fell. Our final desperate attack to attempt to deny the skypad to the enemy was the assault by our last three immortals which damaged the piranha.

The immortals were then finished off, ending the engagement. The enemy held two objectives, though one was a pile if ruins. Overlord Dymorsos, our sole survivor held the central objective. Three – six. However, we had first blood, had slain the Aethereal for two victory points and Dymorsos’ warlord trait was to gain an additional victory point for surviving. Seven – six to us!

Our loss rate was 89% with seven units destroyed. The Tau had five of six snipers left, the riptide, two battlesuits and Piranha, all slightly damaged, they had lost five units, possibly 50% of their force.


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Rage In Eden
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