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 Issue 1 - 23rd Oct 2014

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Issue 1 - 23rd Oct 2014   Thu 23 Oct - 12:31:55

Welcome to the first issue of Lord Payne's prattle - rant about the hobby, good and bad.

Well firstly I am very happy because yet again the Dark Eldar have been updated with new models and a Codex on my Birthday month. A big High 5 to Games Workshop. So expect to see my Voidravens taking to the sky and a calamity of errors as I forget the new rules. Now is a good time to play a game against me before I adapt to the new rules.

Th new HQ and Wracks finally replace some of the finecast models and show a better dynamic for the army. Well that's when you recover from the hilarity of the Haemonculus's over sized feet. Sorry GW, but really you should have spotted that one before going to cast.

Currently in the Warhammer World they are continuing with the End Times - which seems to be their version of Apocalypse. If anyone has something more to add to this please do reply below.

Right now I am preparing for the start of our gaming groups campaign on Planetary Empires. That will commence on Saturday at 10AM at Wayland Games. Feel free to po down and see how it is going. I have based the back story around the Dark Heresy theme of Propheticum Hereticus Tenebrae. Tau, Necron, Space Wolves and Dark Eldar vie for supremacy in this map based campaign with special scenes and mission to add some flavour.

That's it for this week

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Issue 1 - 23rd Oct 2014
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