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 White Dwarf

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PostSubject: White Dwarf   Wed 22 Oct - 13:08:20

White Dwarf used to be a monthly publication until earlier this year when it went weekly.

As a small weekly publication it is the better of the two media sources that Games Workshop release. The opening pages contains all of the weekly releases for their hobby, including published as well as modelling kits. You could argue that all you are doing is paying for the company's marketing material, but it is a great way of viewing the new releases with some great photography and painting jobs.

On a rota system there will be articles from Phil Kelly, Jervis Johnson, and designers. It is a great way to get in behind the scenes on a regular basis and engage with your hobby. No more wasted space on where to find your local store - you can do that on-line.

Battle reports and kit bashing make a regular feature as well as a weekly round up in the WD Bunker where you can find readers model of the week.

For me, personally, the best feature is that you get a sneak preview of the magazine and if it is not for you that week - don't buy it, but if it is, then you know your in for a good read.

What is weak about it?
Not a lot really.
Paint Splatter is very pedestrian - I want to see high quality miniatures painted to a great standard and a guide on how they produced it. Seriously - there is no way that the studio team would paint their own models to such a shoddy standard - so why promote it to their readers. If the argument is that the readers cant do it, then that's pretty weak. Jervis wrote an article about aspiring to be the best and how watching the Olympics can do that for sportsman. Time for GW to use those words of wisdom and step up to the plate.

I regularly check out White Dwarf and look forward to reading through it's pages and nosing at the new models.

Read it and make your own mind up.
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White Dwarf
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