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 Darkly Slaughtered

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PostSubject: Darkly Slaughtered   Mon 11 Aug - 13:22:18

Darkly Slaughtered

Overlord Idezhaba led the 171st Scout group investigating the aftermath of the Tau destruction of the Imperial colony on Videskiban X. The Dark Eldar had the same idea and an encounter took lace at 0540 local time when elements of his forces searching the ruined spaceport area encountered a raider/ ravager, two raiders a unit of jet bikes and scourge.

Overlord Idezhaba lead a squad of immortals, had a full unit of tomb blades, four wraiths and three heavy destroyers supported by the Annihilation Barges, NNV Focal Point and NNV Payne Bringer. Two squads of warriors were led by crypteks armed with eldritch lances and a third cryptek with a voltaic staff accompanied the overlord himself.

In reserve, his task force was completed by two squads of deathmarks ready to deep strike. The enemy had hellions in reserve and aboard the three transports a unit of incubi, kabal warriors and his headquarters group led by the fearsome Veck.

The enemy had scourge facing our right and the transports were behind the landing pad that dominated the centre left of the battleground. The Focal Point was on the left, flanked by the tomb blades, the Payne Bringer in the centre. Warriors took the right flank and held objective two on our left. The three destroyers were to the left of the Payne Bringer, the wraiths to the right with the HQ unit.

The enemy advanced in darkness and scored first blood massing their fire against our heavy destroyers. Our tomb blades evened the score blasting into enemy territory for the first tactical objective score. The Overlord’s tachyon arrow blew up the central raider/ ravager, but this only evened the score s dark lances had already detonated the Payne Bringer.

Enemy jet bikes were already behind us but they failed their overflight attack on our left hand warriors, the incubi however disembarked their raider and assaulted the tomb blades destroying them easily. The immortals advancing in the centre now destroyed the right hand raider which exploded, again with disappointingly low casualties. The wraiths destroyed the scourge in assault and our first reserve deathmarks arrived but did little to the incubi and were destroyed by their counter attack.

Despite this we had an easy score with all objectives identified and went two one up. Both sides failed to bring extra reserves this turn and Veck and his unit now on the central landing pad to deny us an objective there failed to destroy the Focal Point which had tried and failed to destroy the last Raider but missed with all snapshots. It now withdrew to attack the jet bikes holding objective two, but damaged by the assault of the HQ its guidance systems failed at the critical moment as it arrived in difficult terrain and it was wrecked.

Our centre and right concentrated fire on the kabal warriors cowering amidst the debris of their destroyed transport and they were wiped out, the Coup de grace delivered by the assaulting wraiths. Both sides took a point that round, us for the destruction of the warriors, them for holding an objective. Three two now.

Our wraiths were now destroyed by Veck with his formidable array of weapons though he was briefly wounded and lost his invulnerable save. Our warriors moving right to secure an objective and linebreaker were hit by jet bikes and took heavy looses, the Raider dropped incubi close by and they finished the job. Veck moved on to our warriors challenging the cryptek who declined, but so devastating was his assault that he wiped them out any way. Two nil to the Dark Eldar in turn four.

Our last deathmarks deep strike failed catastrophically ending our hope of doing any more damage. The hellions that had deep struck for the enemy were destroyed by our HQ which also held an objective, after their own assault attempt failed.

The enemy scored three to our one point in the final turn for an overall score of seven four. We had only the Overlord, cryptek and two immortals remaining, strength 274, a loss rate of over 80% from an original force of 1496. We had lost nine complete units whilst destroying two raiders, the scourge, Hellions and kabal warriors. We had killed a few incubi and little else; the Dark Eldar had five units largely or completely undamaged a loss rate of perhaps 50%. Neither side achieved linebreaker or slay the warlord.

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Darkly Slaughtered
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