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 Wolfpack Triumph

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PostSubject: Wolfpack Triumph   Mon 14 Jul - 13:23:53

Wolfpack Triumph

Overlord Madasta led the 611th Heavy Division on Argara Prime where Space Wolf activity had been monitored. On the surface of the island of Lallegree the enemy force was detected: A huge landraider and two rhinos, a pack of wolves and a wolf lord, an aegis defence line with a missile battery, terminators and aboard a drop pod, a priest with his entourage.

Against this, Madasta had the Tesseract Ark NNV Devastating Response on the left, flanked by the Annihilation Barges NNV Defiant Stand and NNV Total War, in the centre the NNV Wraith Spirit and on the right the NNV Robust Defender. Both forces were 2000 strong.

The enemy drop pod appeared on the left and the attackers destroyed the Devastating Response with a fearsome melta barrage. The Robust Defender was destroyed by long range fire from the Aegis line and the landraider damaged the Wraith Spirit. The fire from the three surviving barges cut down most of the marines on our left but left the rune priest and lone wolf to hold an objective.

With first blood to the enemy the score at the end of the first phase was two nil to the marines. The imperials now destroyed the remaining barges in quick succession, the wreck of the Wraith Spirit the only evidence of the Necron force until the arrival of the reserves.

These took the form of the NNV Fresh Impetus, a Night Shroud bomber that dropped a death sphere on the enemy landraider destroying it and several of its passengers in a tremendous anti matter explosion. Two empty Night scythes arrived on the right, the NNV Imperious and NNV Incandescent. The latter was hit by interceptor missiles, losing its weapon systems before being shot down. The Fresh Impetus took a couple of hits but was otherwise OK.

The enemy missile system was knocked out by the Fresh Impetus and the AA battery was also damaged, the enemy however had consolidated its objectives and the score moved to five nil. Our next reserves to arrive were the Night scythe NNV Spark of Destiny which dropped the overlord, a cryptek and nine deathmarks in the centre where they deathmarked the enemy wolves, and the Doom Scythe NNV Rapid Fire, which attacked the enemy warlord’s unit.

The Fresh Impetus failed on its bombing run to do much to the enemy terminator unit in their rear but the AA battery was destroyed, as were the wolves, though their wolf lord survived, wounded. The Rapid fire failed to do much against the enemy warlord and his unit, slightly damaging a rhino and felling just one marine. Our cryptek fell, a casualty to tesla arcing. No objectives were achieved by either side this phase.

The Imperious was shot down now but the final reserve arrived, the Night Scythe NNV Ultimate sacrifice, which dropped another nine deathmarks and a cryptek to take an objective. Fire from the Ultimate Sacrifice and Spark Of Destiny wrecked both rhinos and a squad of marines from one was wiped out by the deathmarks.

Our other deathmark squad was under heavy assault and though regenerating well could not and did not hold out long. All but one fell at one point as did the overlord but he recovered. His mindshackle scarabs worked against the enemy warlord who slew three of his own marines but with the wolf lord engaged too the Overlord and his unit fell.

The other deathmarks were also assaulted and their cryptek challenged and killed easily, as were the snipers. The Ultimate Sacrifice killed the wolf lord and the Fresh Impetus tried another bombing run but with little effect. The Rapid Fire and Spark of Destiny made further attacks but could only wound the lone wolf and the Terminators stubbornly resisted fire from our fliers although eventually were reduced to one.

The action broke off with the enemy warlord Logan still alive with around half of his unit, the rune priest, wounded lone wolf, a sole survivor of two other units amounting to around 600. They had lost seven units.

We had the Fresh Impetus and Rapid Fire, both damaged but fully operational, plus the Ultimate Sacrifice and Spark of Destiny, total value 600, and had lost ten units, like the humans, a seventy percent loss rate. However all secondary objectives and eleven tactical objectives had fallen to the enemy for a score of fourteen to two against our forces.

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Wolfpack Triumph
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