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 Death of Darkness

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PostSubject: Death of Darkness   Mon 9 Jun - 12:45:52

Death of Darkness

Overlord Ghirrup led the 704th Assault Brigade against Dark Eldar raiders seeking slaves in the Pyrrifian System. Six Tomb blades were deployed across a broad front, a heavy destroyer took each flank with another in the centre, the Annihilation Barge NNV Zealous Fury in the centre with the barge NNV Equaliser centre right.

Three wraiths took the centre and left whilst in the centre and centre right three tomb blades were supported by two units of three scarabs. In reserve, ready to deep strike, four destroyers. Also in reserve the Night Scythes NNV Untamed Spirit, NNV Superiority and NNV Durable, the first two carrying squads of deathmarks and a cryptek. Ghirrup himself was aboard the Untamed Spirit. Also in reserve the Doom Scythe NNV Rolling Thunder.

The Dark Eldar brought two raiders bearing kabal warriors and two ravagers against our left plus a squad of jetbikes in the centre with more units in reserve including a Venom crammed with wychs and a Tantalus. There was also a squad of scourge.

Our initial objective was to shoot down enemy fliers. The Dark Eldars’ was reconnaissance; to identify all objectives on the field. The objective code named Render lay on our right close to a ruin. Objective Violet was deep on the right, Objective Torch was in the centre of the field in a ruin, objective Crystal was in open ground centre left, Objective Lionheart was on the second floor of ruins on the left and objective Pasture on the first floor of ruins on the left in the enemy deployment zone.

Objectives Crystal, Lionheart and Render were all close to our deployment zone, Violet and Pasture were on the edge of the enemy zone and Torch was clearly well into the neutral zone. Objective Crystal was sabotaged, Objective Torch had skyfire targeting systems, Render gave additional cover and the others all had gravity generators that hampered assaults.

We moved just before dawn advancing towards the enemy, our heavy destroyers opening fire, the right hand heavy missed the jet bikes, the central one knocked out the port Dark Lance on the right hand ravager, but the left hand one blew up the left hand ravager. First blood to us.

The Dark ones advanced too and picked off the three tomb blades on our left. The jet bikes blasted through our centre close to the Zealous Fury taking out the central heavy destroyer. Our left hand heavy was also destroyed as the enemy threw their whole weight against our left. Only our two wraiths which had moved forward and taken Objective Lionheart remained. Our tomb spyders were laying claim to Torch and Render and scarabs were closest to Violet. The damaged ravager hugged Objective Pasture.

The NNV Zealous Fury held objective Crystal and with all objectives identified and first blood to us, the score at the end of the opening exchange was one all. The Dark Eldar now targeted objectives Torch and Violet. We targeted enemy units in assault and in general as well as enemy officers, especially by challenge.

Two thirds of our reserves in the shape of all three Night Scythes and three out of four destroyers now arrived as dawn broke. Two destroyers deep struck successfully behind the trio of enemy vehicles threatening our left, but the first to try failed its deep strike catastrophically and was destroyed. The Untamed Spirit and Superiority faced the enemy raider pair head on, dropping their deathmark squads who marked the passengers of both transports. The Superiority wrecked the right hand transport and seventy percent of its passengers were cut down by our snipers.

The other transport remarkably avoided damage from the Untamed Spirit with some nifty jinking. The Zealous Fury, one of our two remaining tomb blades and the Durable wiped out the jet bikes from close range, our heavy destroyer and the Equaliser not needing to open fire. Most of our army had no target in fact with all the action on the left.

Our wraiths now assaulted the enemy ravager destroying it. The explosion of the alien warship injured one wraith but the enemy had lost three units including one in assault which would gain us crucial victory points.

The enemy now brought on their venom; and it arrowed straight for objective Violet. The scourge appeared in large numbers on the right in support whilst the enemy raider broke away from our Night Scythes and deathmarks and headed for objective Torch where it disgorged its warriors to seize the objective.

The wychs and Venom now decimated our scarabs, claiming the objective as the scourge destroyed our tomb blade closest to it. The three survivors of the wrecked transport killed our wounded wraith holding objective Pasture.

With the kabal warriors claiming Torch, their troop status trumping our nearby tomb spyder and scarabs, the Dark forces claimed two victory points. Our destruction of three enemy units gained us four, bringing the score to five three in our favour. The new Dark Eldar objectives were to seize every objective, make challenges and take objective Render. Our new objectives were to hold Objective Crystal, break enemy morale, identify all objectives and hold objective Pasture.

Now the Rolling Thunder arrived, heading straight for the enemy venom. On the right our last destroyer arrived on the right close to our deployment zone. Our transports all converged on the centre where the enemy were concentrated. The deathmarks killed off the three survivors on the right as they headed for the centre too; the Untamed Spirit wrecked the raider close to objective Torch.

The Doom Scythe’s death ray detonated the venom killing two of its five passengers and tesla fire from our Scythes and the Zealous Fury plus our destroyer fire also took a toll. In the centre the warriors in the centre were reduced to a handful before two tomb spyders and a scarab squad attempted assault. One spyder failed but the rest did their deadly work eliminating the enemy troops holding Torch.

Our other scarabs assaulted the scourge who took some losses from our fire and the assault, but the wychs then joined in turning the odds against us. Final enemy reserves failed to appear however and we were now holding all objectives which scored us three unanswered points in this phase for an overall score of eight three so far.

Our new objectives were to hold our deployment zone strongly and keep it clear of enemy units, control objectives Torch and Violet and beyond that, all objectives. Finally we had to destroy an enemy vehicle. The enemy were tasked with seizing Objective Violet too.

With nothing going on except the assault, we added a destroyer and tomb blade to assist our depleted scarabs, but it was too late: the scarabs were wiped out and both our new arrivals broke and fled disgracefully after hard fighting.

The enemy’s tantalus at last arrived on the left and engaged our warlord and his unit of deathmarks, six deathmarks and the cryptek fell with Ghirrup suffering two wounds but three of the deathmarks reanimated and their morale held.

The action broke off with us holding all objectives, including priorities Violet and Torch; our own deployment zone whilst a destroyer gave us linebreaker: Total points nine for that round with no score to the Dark Eldar. Final result: Seventeen to three in our favour.

The enemy were down to the tantalus and whatever passengers were aboard, three wychs and perhaps half of the scourge. Eight complete units destroyed, losses of perhaps two thirds of their estimated force strength of 2000.

Of the Necron Assault brigade 1999 strong, all vehicles and fliers were undamaged, we had lost four tomb blades, one destroyer, two heavy destroyers, one cryptek and almost 20% of our deathmarks. Our warlord had taken two wounds as had one tomb spyder. Another spyder had taken a single wound. The Equaliser one wraith and a tomb spyder had not even engaged the enemy, though the last two played their part holding objectives  throughout.

Although we had lost around ten scarabs including one complete unit, our starting strength of six remained as an equal number had been birthed by the spyders during the battle at the expense of two wounds. Our rallied strength was 1627, a loss rate approaching 19%.

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Death of Darkness
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