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 Who are the Eavy Metal Team

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Who are the Eavy Metal Team   Tue 3 Jun - 11:00:25

Some painters think they are great, some boast at how good they are, but for a select few they need not worry as they have the masses to do it for them. Eavy Metal came from Games Workshops early days when they used to listen to heavy metal music while painting the miniatures. The standard and quality of their work has dramatically improved over the years and now we see some of, if not, the best workmanship in the world.

As far as I can remember the Original team was headed up by Mike Mcvey, who often made the paint guides, but now the team has a very different look and feel with White Dwarf magazine creating the paint guides, sometimes with advice from the team. Dan Harden tends to do most of the guides and will often state when he has been over to Eavy metal for some tips and will then show how you can re-create some of their work.

One thing that must be made clear is that the Eavy Metal team were once just like us in the cheap seats, but have over the years practiced and honed their skills to the level we see in the magazines today. And this is the key ..... Practice. But also read what the professionals have to say and collect the guides that are printed. All of these are applicable on models other than the one they painted. For example, I have Used Darren Latham's Sanguinor Non Metalic Metal guide to paint a friend of mines Cryptek. Does it work - Yes? Does it look good - yes? Does it look as good as Darren's Sanguinor - Well maybe after a few more years practice it will. The point is, unless you try, you will not succeed.

The following posts are a quick guide to some of Eavy Metals artists and where I have been able to find it, a gallery of their work. Please note, however, that this site is unofficial and as such it is likely that I have picked up errors and mistakes in my postings. If you need to clarify anything then Games Workshop is the place to go.

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Who are the Eavy Metal Team
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