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 Tau Sow Destruction

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PostSubject: Tau Sow Destruction   Tue 20 May - 13:31:30

Tau Sow Destruction
Overlord Malaq with a small scouting force encountered and attacked a Tau unit apparently engaged in scouting operations in the Yamarian zone of the Disorian Conclave. He was only accompanied by two warrior squads three wraiths with particle casters and four scarab swarms with a small deathmark team available in reserve.

The aliens were led by an Aethereal with two squads of fire warriors, a piranha and a riptide. The latter two were on the enemy right with the rest making use of cover facing our right. The piranha lurked well to the rear.

Our forces advanced getting of a few early shots but the Tau then returned fire with better effect owing to their longer range weaponry. Few casualties on either side but crucially we had lost two wraiths, then our deathmarks deep struck behind the centre of the Tau line, deathmarking the Riptide, perhaps unwisely.

Our snipers opened up on the fire warriors led by the Aethereal wounding it but doing little else. The wraith assaulted the same squad but was slain by the Aethereal having been reduced to one wound before assaulting.

The scarabs got into it with the other squad and gave a reasonable account of themselves although both sides were equally matched and by the time the scarabs were destroyed three quarters of the warriors were dead.

On the left the riptide attacked our overlord’s unit and again an attritional fight developed, but we were losing the odd warrior each round whilst whenever we landed blows we could not penetrate the monstrosity’s armour. The free fire warriors now wiped out our deathmarks as the second squad tangled with our scarabs, then they turned to our remaining warriors.

Supported by the Piranha which moved up at last they wiped out our right hand warriors and were joined by the three survivors of the scarab fight. The riptide meanwhile finished of Malaq, who reanimated but then was killed again. Twice, the third reanimation attempt failing.

Our squad completely destroyed there, a loss of 495 points; enemy losses were no more than a dozen fire warriors plus one wound to the warlord, a loss rate of perhaps 20%. 8-0 to the upstart Tau.

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Tau Sow Destruction
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