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 The names of the Primarchs

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PostSubject: The names of the Primarchs   Mon 12 May - 13:16:59

The names of the Primarchs all have a significance. Mostly from our own histories, religions and mythologies. These are where I believe they may be from. Feel free to add your thoughts.

Horus - The name of an Egyptian God, the son of Osris.  He avenged his fathers death.  In 40K Horus avenges the perceived treachery by his father the Emperor.

Alpharius - his name is the opposite of what he is.  Alpharius being the first greek letter and denoting he is the leader, he is, in fact the last.

Lion El'Johnson - Reference to the English poet Lionel Johnson, writer of the poem The Dark Angel.

Perturabo is similar to the Latin pertubatio: confusion, disorder or disturbed

Jaghatai Khan - an alternative spelling of Chagatai Khan, the second son of the Mongolian warlord Genghis Khan.

Leman Russ - presumably connected to the Rus' People who lived in now present day Russia.

Rogal Dorn - Germanic last name meaning Thorn

Sanguinius - Latin sanguis: blood

Ferrus Manus - Latin for Iron Hand

Angron - near homonym of anger

Mortarion - Latin mors: death

Magnus - Latin: big

Lorgar - most likely latin of Largior: to lavish or bestow

Vulkan - Roman god Vulcan.

Corax - Latin for raven

Konrad Curze - possibly from heart of darkness.  A reference to Joseph Conrad, the author and Mr Kurtz, the principal antagonist

Guilliman - a common French surname.  No real obvious reference, but could explain the hate towards the Ulttramarines and also their blue colour (Cobalt for the  picky ones)
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The names of the Primarchs
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