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 The Tech Sas Massacre

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: The Tech Sas Massacre   Tue 22 Apr - 12:53:48

The Tau city of Tech Sas saw the massacre of a Dark elder host. Gearing up their city defences upon detecting a Webway rift the Tau Cadre were more than prepared for the pending assault.

A fast unit of Jetbikers sped across the city backed by a raider amongst foot troops. Casualties were very light as a few fire warriors fell to blade vanes and booby traps.

Being well placed the warriors cadre and their Ethereal opend up a fussilade of firepower wiping out a full half of the on coming dark elder. Talos, Raider, jetbikes, and Wyches fell in the heavy fire.

Advancing and assaulting the dark elder were inefefective. Another salvo of firepower was unleashed taking out the beastmasters, bloodbrides and bringing down the cronos. With only 1 bloodbride and a grotesque unit remaining the Dark Coven fled back to whence they came. The Tau valiantly defending for the greater good.
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The Tech Sas Massacre
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